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Matthew J. Eckerle

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we're gonna die like this you know...miserable and old. [Aug. 2nd, 2004|11:06 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |geekygeeky]
[music |taking back sunday : number five with a bullet]

okay my live journal name is gay so i changed it to mattheweckerle so you can add me to your friends list if you choose to

this is the last ever post for lunchboxkurt.

see you suks later.
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love will tear us apart. [Aug. 2nd, 2004|02:36 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |okayokay]
[music |fall out boy : my heart is the worst kind of weapon]


the weekend was alright. friday i hung out with matt and lauren..that was a lot of fun. saturday matt came over around 1 or something and we watched 1960s batman..that was also fun. last night i saw the metallica movie with jeff,chris and some other people i didnt really know..that was also fun. seems like i've been having tons of fun,but i really havent..i've been pretty miserable..but i guess these things happen. ok thats all for this update.
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why cant you just be happy [Jul. 29th, 2004|10:20 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |blahmiserable.]
[music |taking back sunday : one eighty by summer]


what a horrible night. work was a disaster. my heart hurts and it has for days..i think i pulled a muscle or something like that in my shoulder ..but it's very annoying. maybe i didnt pull a muscle..maybe something is wrong with me,and i only have a few days to live. its a possibility. there was a kid in my work tonight in a yellow sixers jersey,yellow basketball shorts and a yellow headband..he was bounching a basketball around my work for about half an hour,i wanted to grab theball out of his hands and slam it in his face repeatedly..i spelled that wrong and i dont care. what straight guy wears yellow anyway,thats gay as shit. ok i dont want to add anymore to this post. i know this is stupid but i dont care,i wanted to write about what a fucking gay night i had. im not off again until wednesday..so more then likely the next couple of days are going to be shit. im done.
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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2004|09:52 am]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |grumpygrumpy]
[music |punchline : open up]


so let's see..i'll start this update by writing about yesterday. me and my mom went to wachovia bank because i wanted to close out my account,and i got some thing in the mail that said i owe 31.00 because the check i cashed from my dad bounced and it got sent back to my account and i only had 20.00 in there..so somehow i had to pay 31$,so when i went to pay it they said there was a 2 week late fee so i now owe 46$,i was pissed..but i was still gonna pay it..so i sit down with this guy and he felt bad for me,so he reversed it somehow and i didnt have to pay anything..that was awesome. then we went to fleet bank and i opened up an account there and got a debit card. i sat around for awhile..then went to matts house so he could burn the taking back sunday cd,then we came back to my house and i ego boosted myself playing matt in baseball. nicole and lauren came over,they gave matt a ride home..we were gonna go mini golfing but we didnt because it looked as if it was going to rain. so we just went to taco bell. we came back to my house and watched some of punch drunk love,nicole didnt like it so much so we switched movies and watched american beauty,i had a lot of fun last night.

today me and my mom went to the penn dot place and i got my state ID,i look so miserable in it..but i really was miserable..every person there was annoying the shit out of me,and i hate people that think they are better then everyone else and dont have to wait in line...friggin bastards. but whatever i got my ID and now im home and i have about 5 hours to kill before work. thats all for today.

matthew eckerle. (in case you didnt know who this was)
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(no subject) [Jul. 27th, 2004|11:53 am]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |goodgood]
[music |taking back sunday : new american classic]


yesterday was a good day,my mom came home after work and asked me if i wanted to go out with her to a few stores and i said ok,we went to kmart and some pool supply store because she had to return a few things. after all that we went out to dinner at longhorn,then we went into neshaminy mall to walk around,i saw wanda for a few minutes at pacsun,me and my mom were going to see a movie but then we decided not too,so we came home. when i got home i went online and talked to nicole she asked if i wanted to go golfing and i said yes i did,we had to wait until lauren was done work so nicole came over my house and we talked for awhile,that was cool. we went and picked up lauren then headed for golf but it was closed so we went back to my house and hung out for a bit,then i took the cable guy and butterfly effect over to their house,we watched cable guy,then started watching butterfly effect but the cat unplugged the tv,so we just went to sleep. today we got up fairly early,nicole went to the orthodonist then i called matt to seeif he wanted to get the new taking back sunday cd but he was sleeping and didnt want to get up,so me nicole and lauren just went to coconuts and i got the cd,it was onsale for 7.99,that was sweet i also bought the batman movie from like the 60's on dvd for 5.99,so thats awesome. alright thats all.

the new taking back sunday cd is awesome.
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i am surfing the web and checking my email [Jul. 24th, 2004|06:00 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |saves the day : firefly]

ok so i come home from work and i give my mom a call and she says "hey did you look in the dining room" and i say no,she says "well im busy i gotta go,but go check it out i got ya something" and i said "cool ok ill go check it out" so i go down there and there is a computer i was a bit astonished! its not the fastest computer i thinks she got it from a guy at work,and im on damn 5.0 but its awesome. im happy to be online.

so in other news i slept at nicole and laurens last night,that was a lot of fun. work sucked very bad today. so tonight i dont have any plans but now it looks as if i will sit online all night,which isnt a bad thing.
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(no subject) [Jul. 1st, 2004|01:01 am]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |goodgood]
[music |jeff is playing guitar]


i havent updated livejournal in a bit so ill go for that right now. my birthday was last week,im 18 now so thats cool. me,jeff and chris had band practice today..that was cool,it was a real fun time. after that we drove around for a bit,went to sam ash,then drove back to jeffs and hung out. it was a good evening.

everything has been going pretty a ok in the life of matthew eckerle,in case anyone was wondering. i think thats all for the update,im hanging out with nicole tommorow night,that gives me something to look forward to tommorow.
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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2004|05:10 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
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you know me 85% [Jun. 16th, 2004|11:14 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |excitedFANTASTIC]
[music |lauren is talking to joe on the telephone]


i havent updated live journal in quite a long time and that is because my computer is broken,i have to save my money to buy a new tower or something.

i havent been doing much of anything. ive been working and just doing the same things i always do.

tommorow me and matt are going to the phillies game,i hope it doesnt get rained out.

im turning 18 in about 8 days,that is cool.

so anyone who thought i was dead because i didnt update live journal,im sorry to disapoint you..my computer is just broken.
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what do you know about a loading dock. [May. 18th, 2004|01:23 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |goodgood]
[music |nfg : i dont wanna know]


matt slept over last night,we went to wawa with jeff it was fun. when me and matt got in the door we called my dad and talked to him for ahwile,he was going off on some story about how he jumped out of a window because a snake was after him,it was very funny. today me and matt got up kinda early..like 11 or 12,got on the bus and HACKJOB was on there it was very funny,we have seen him the past 2 tuesdays..and i like that. we got the new nfg cd,it's hot and then we went and got a bite at jim's steaks,another great date. i have work at 3,flyers game is on tonight i hope i dont miss much of it. they better win. thats all for today.
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the cashba is our roxburry. [May. 16th, 2004|10:51 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |brand new : sic transit gloria]


last night matt came online and asked me if i wanted to go down to atlantic city for the night with him,his mom and sister and of course i said yes. we left around 12 and got there around 2,me and matt then went looking for a party,we were trying to infiltrate casinos and then we found the ultimate place..it was the cashba,it was like a nightclub type of deal,we wanted in but we didnt get in. we chilled in this one casino type deal for awhile,we took a midnight stroll on the beach,got 2 bites together,walked in the ocean together..it quite possibly could have been the best date of my life. so we chilled outside until around 6 am and then we hit the sack. today we woke up and went and got breakfast..they didnt charge us for breakfast so that was awesome. we chilled on the boardwalk,got lunch together,went on the beach together again saw a man doing karate,it was so funny. we then went to the best buck 99 buffet in town,matt asked for some of the yellow,it was priceles. it was a great 24 hours in atlantic city. tommorow i have work at 9 am,that is gay. i want to quit my job and party 24 hours a day.
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if michelangelo was so damn smart,why'd he die? [May. 15th, 2004|07:49 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |boredbored]
[music |saves the day : see you]


yesterday was a good day in the life of matthew eckerle. i worked 9-5,it was a fun day though,it went by like a breeze. after work i came home and got a shower,nicole came and picked me up..we met up with lisa and dana and went to a pool hall,it was a fun time we played teams it was me and nicole against dana and lisa,they beat us 2 games to 1 and we owe them fifty bucks. after the pool hall we went and got ice cream. lisa and dana went home and i went back to nicoles house with her,we watched some tv then went upstairs and watched the movie "little shop of horrors" i was trying to stay awake but i was very tired,after that flick we watched some of feris beuller,but then i caught a ride home with joe,we listened to the new senses fail cd on the way home,it was good and it was an exquisite ride because joe was there. when i got home i went right to sleep because i was tired. today my mom woke me up around 9 to go to the bank,then we went clothes shopping for a little bit,she dropped me off at work,it was another good day at work today,thats a good thing. at work me and my friend greg had a redbull drinking contest..we both lined up 5 redbulls and whoever finished 5 first wins,and whoever loses has to pay for all 10..he beat me so i had to pay,it was fun though..we are going for it again on tuesday..i will be the champ this time for sure. after work i came home and watched the rest of the flyers game,and they won so i was very happy with that,then me and my family had a barbeque,it was cool. i dont know what im doing tonight,or if im doing anything at all,i called nicole up and she said she might give me a ring later,so i will see whats going on. thats all for the past 2 days,they were very good days,i hope it stays that way.

-matt eckerle
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i wonder if im alone in your head. [May. 12th, 2004|10:32 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |early november : every nights another story]


i dont remember much of what has happened since the last time i updated,i'll just update about yesterday because it was an eventful day.

matt slept over my house,we woke up and ate cereal together and then matt took a shower. he was going to get his hair cut but walt was closed for some reason so then we were just walking around,we went to 711 and hung out with the guy that works there for a little bit then we went and gave jeff a visit,we hung out there for about 20 minutes then went back to my house because i had to check the room number that i had to go to when i got to community college. me and matt got on the bus,then the train and got to the college..so we went looking for the room and we saw hackjob!! he works as a security guard there..it was so funny!! so anyway we went and waited,then went to some other room..then this guy starts telling me the classes i have to take,he looked just like christopher walken it was very funny..he gave me this ridiuclous schedule..it sucked real bad..so instead of completing the registraion i crumbled up the paper and threw it in the trash and me and matt went to south street,we got dinner and jims then just walked around for a bit. we got on the train to come home,got to my house and i gave nicole a call and asked her and lauren to come over, nicole was acting very shady and she said maybe her and lauren would come over. so then me and matt went and watched tv and i heard someone run into my yard,me and matt went to check it out and it was nicole,it was funny. me and matt slept at nicole and laurens..we were watching some movie..little shop of horrors or something,i fell asleep. got up today and we went to dunkin donuts,watched some tv then nicole drove matt home,we went and got gas then she dropped me off at my house. i got ready for work and on my way to work...my dad pulled up and said "GET IN!" and i started cracking up and he gave me a ride to work,it was very funny and i did the stick lines with him. it was awesome. work sucked. and it will suck tommorow to because im missing the flyers. i need a new job. alright this update is very long,im done.
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it's like every wish i ever made came true,the day i woke up lying next to you [May. 9th, 2004|01:43 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |boredshutup matt,im in a mood]
[music |the ataris : i.o.u one galaxy]


this is going to be a long update so im going to split it into what happened on the different days..

friday : i went into work for a little bit to help with the truck so i worked 8-11,nicole picked me up from work,we went back to my house and i got a shower,went to the bank,then picked up matt. we went to try to get tickets to the bouncing souls show but it was sold out,then we went to ac moore to find rendil and dana rock,we stayed there for a little bit,i followed matt around the store and he didnt know where i was,that was funny. after that we went to mcdonalds,dana left and we went back to the arnold house,we chilled there for a little bit then left because lauren had a makeup appointment for the prom,while we were waiting in the makeup place i saw a hesh seafood truck go by,and i told matt it was my dad so we ran after the truck and my dad got out and i was like "dad....dad!!" and he looked at me and kept walkign and i said "dad,it's matt" then he realized it was me and came to talk to us,it was very funny..we went alcohol shopping with my dad,and he did the stick lines..it was very funny. after that we went back to nicole and laurens and lauren got ready for the prom,she looked nice with her hair and makeup did. we went over to nicks house i believe,on the way there nicole bumped into some car and 2 thugs came out,it was pretty funny i thought. we got to nicks and people were taking pictures and such,me and matt talked to lee rock most of the time. after we left there we went to wawa and me and matt got some dinner,went back to nicoles and lounged around watching tv and such..we watched the last epi of friends..and i think that is all we did that night.

saturday : nicole drove me and matt to my house i messed with my family then me and matt went to cvs to get my digital pictures devolped,we came back and my mom took us to wings to go,me and matt ate wings and watched the game,all throughout the game my brother was being very annoying and i got into about ten thousand fights with my family,it was annoying,but matt was cracking up the whole time. after the game we went and picked up my pictures,they turned out pretty sweet. we got back to my house and hung out in my room for awhile,then matt went home to shower,i showered. nicole came to my house,then we went and picked up matt. we went to cvs because nicole wanted to get a card for her mom,but it was packed..so we went to acme and she got a card there. we went to tower records and hung out there for a little while,then we went and rented movies..we got some movie that i didnt know what it is,we didnt watch it though..so thats a good thing,the other movie we got was identity,it was good,it was a psychological thriller,i enjoyed it. after the movie i went to sleep.

today : nicole woke us up very early,i did not want to get up..but she drove me and matt home and i went right back to bed and slept until about 12:30,it was cool. my mom isnt home so i cant give her the awesome card i got her yet,ill have to wait until she gets home from work. i think today im just going to do some wash and clean my room,but ill probaley delay doing this and just wind up sitting online all day. alright im done. sorry it was incredibly long.

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and i dont wanna work anymore cuz sometimes i just get ignored,the way i feel when i see you smile [May. 5th, 2004|11:55 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |okaymeh]
[music |the ataris : bite my tongue]


yesterday was awesome. worked 9 hours which was gay,but i came home and watched the flyers beat toronto,that overtime was off the hook..it would really suck if anyone missed it. me,matt,nicole and lauren went to the dining car to get some food,that was a fun time. went back to nicole and laurens and slept over..it was a lot of fun all throughout the evening. today we watched the ring and good burger,then nicole came over my house for a little bit and drove me to work..nicole stole a picture of me and my brother,my mom is very upset about this,she will not stop crying. work sucked very bad and made me consider looking for a new job,maybe i will. i came home today from work,talked to my mom for a little bit and then i put pictures of a photobucket..i only have 8 pictures on there but i will add more eventually... http://img65.photobucket.com/albums/v199/Pancakes21/?multi=2

ok well i think thats all..tommorow i am working 9-5,after work im going to kim's softball game with nicole and lauren and MATT,it should be prime times.


matthew j. eckerle

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do you take me for a fool [May. 2nd, 2004|08:22 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |goodgood]
[music |the starting line : this ride]


i haven't updated in about a week,thats because there hasnt been anything to update about,all i did last week was work,it was lame.
this weekend rocked though..on friday i came home from work,went online and asked matt if he would go to the bank with me,so he did. i took the bus to his house and we went to the bank,i cashed my checks and got some money out,me and matt went back to my house,i chased him with a bow and arrow and we watched some of the flyers game,nicole came and picked us up we went to best buy to look at digital cameras,i bought one..it's prety nice,i like it alot. we were at best buy for a long time..when we left we decided to go to the movies to see envy..but when we got there nicole decided she didnt want to see it and she ditched the hell out of me and matt. but before nicole ditched us we went into hot topic to talk to jeff,he said he would come to the movies with us..matt got in a fight with a hot topic employee and the manager and he got kicked out,hilarity ensued. we went to the movies,dana and lisa met nicole so they could go see mean girls and me and matt went into envy,jeff met us in there when he was done work. envy wasnt too good,i thought it wouldve been funnier,but it was just meh..it had it's moments. after the movie nicole drove everyone home. saturday nicole picked me and matt up again,we went into acme and bought stuff for the barbeque,we picked rendil up at work,we went into this one store to get cheese and the guy gave us free whiz,we were looking forward to whizzing someone. me and matt cooked everyone dinner on the grill,it was too awesome. matt made lauren a super garden burger,the barbeque was a lot of fun..later into the evening matt whized nicole and laurens car and i whizzed some random car..but i sadly cleaned it up. it was a fun night. i took a lot of pictures with my new camera,it rocked. we woke up today and watched some tv,then nicole and lauren drove me and matt to my house,my mom got us wings to go and we watched the flyers game..it rocked too friggin hard..7-2 flyers,me and matt were flippin out on every goal,it was a very fun time. tommorow i go back to work,9-5..lame,but oh well,thats the way things go. my weekend was extroidnary,and much needed after a horrible week. this update is very long,sorry about that.

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im bustin your skelaton. [Apr. 25th, 2004|01:08 am]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |early november : take time and find]


today was another good day in the books. i woke up around noon,my mom took me to the bank,but they were closed so i didnt cash my check and i dont think i'll be able to cash it until next saturday because i work everyday this week and bank's have ridiculous hours. we went back to my house and i helped my mom move some dressers around the house,i talked to matt online and we decided since today was a very meh day that we would go to neshaminy. my mom gave us a ride there,we went in and hung out with jeff since he was working,me and matt went and walked around a little bit,we saw rachel,that was funny. we went back to hot topic,jeff was done work and got a bite with me and matt. we saw rachel again,and again..it was funny. i bought a few things at the mall today..2 shirts,a book,the best of will ferrell..i think thats all. jeff told me and matt that we should all go laser tagging,so we did..it was fun,matt was perched on a bridge,i was running around like a mongrel and jeff dominated,it was very funny. after laser tagging,we wentback to the mall..jeff was going to leave but then he didnt because we were going to watch a fight,there was no fight. we went into hot topic and hung out for a bit. then jeff left. me and matt went to the movies,we decided to see punisher,it wasnt too bad..the guy next to me was very funny though. matt's mom gave me a ride home,it was exquisite. it was a very nice day. tommorow i dont think im doing anything,it will be a meh kinda day,i'll probaley watch the flyers..maybe clean my room or something. alright im going to watch the best of will ferrell..goodnight.
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ringu [Apr. 22nd, 2004|03:54 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |new found glory : my friends over you]


yesterday was cool,me nicole and matt were going to go see eternal sunshine of the spotless mind,lauren was suppose to go too but she decided homework was more important. we ended up not seeing the movie because it already started,we stood infront of the movie theater for awhile trying to pick a different flick to see but we decided to just go and rent movies. matt went up to the people in blockbuster and asked them if they had 'ringu' the japanese version of the ring,and the guy said check in the forgein section,and matt yelled really loud "the porn section??!" it was very funny. we rented ringu, vegas vacation and joe dirt. when we were at the counter paying for the flicks the guy was saying all these crazy things,he was so mad at matt..and the guy was gay,that made it even funnier. when we got to the arnold household we watched ringu,we didnt watch all of it though,it was funny..but scary at the same time. we watched about half an hour of it and then put on vegas vacation,i fell asleep a little bit during it because i was tired but i woke up in time to see the best buck 49 buffet in town. after that movie we went upstairs to bed. today we all got up and sat in the kitchen for a bit,then watched family matters..and then some of wwf backlash..it was so awesome,foley fought a hardcore match,i was so happy..lauren and nicole loved it too much. i just got home like 20 minutes ago,i think the rest of this day is going to be lame as hell,im just going to sit in my room. L A M E. alright im done.

p.s. MEAN GIRLS comes out april 30th, im so there...first in line. *cheese*

Matthew J. Eckerle
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i want to go moon taning with you. [Apr. 21st, 2004|04:37 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |saves the day : shoulder to the wheel]


haven't updated in a couple days pretty much because there hasnt been anything to update about. but last night was pretty prime times. i came home from work and my family all ate dinner without so i asked matt if he wanted to go get a bite,we went to kfc and me and matt did funny things. we went into cvs because i wanted to get my film devolped,and we talked to brawny shauny for awile..it took a long time for my film to get devolped so me and matt went to pathmark and walked around to kill time,we got my pictures and went home i was talking to lauren online for a little bit and asked her and nicole to come over,so they did. we went and got a hanson flyer off of a lightpost and just hung out at my house and watched some transvestible show,it was gross. we watched seinfeld..it was a good episode,i gotta see the one tonight where kramer auditions for the part of kramer,its too funny. tonight i think i might be going to the movies with nicole,lauren and matt..but im not sure as of yet. alright im done.

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i would be in such a daze watching fefe dobson and hilary duff live [Apr. 17th, 2004|01:55 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |grumpygrumpy]
[music |ben kweller : in other words]


yesterday was pretty cool,i had to stay an extra hour at work because someone quit,i came home and got showered and such and i called nicole up,she came and picked me up,we hung out with lisa sell and dana,we didnt really do anything. lisa and dana went home,i went back to nicole's house and fell asleep right as my head hit the pillow,what a dud i am. today rendil drove me home,when i got in the door my mom asked me if i wanted to spend some time with the family and go to roosevelt mall,i said sure. we went to marlo books because they are going out of buisness so the books were 40% off,i picked up 4 books,then went to modells and i got a pair of black dickies shorts,i was going to buy a new hoodie too,but it's getting a bit warm for hoodies,so i dont think i really need another. my mom took us to wings to go and she bought us wings,but im going to eat them when im watching the flyers game,in an hour or so. that is all,i dont know what im doing tonight,but more then likely i'll do something,i'll probaley give nicole a call. alright im done.

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micheal myers aint no sound bit [Apr. 15th, 2004|05:49 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |blankmeh]
[music |early november : every night's another story]


last night was fun,i watched the flyers game,they won 3-0 that was sweet. mtv2 played making the video and it was nfg's new song,it was a cool song i can't wait until the new cd comes out,it's gonna be awesome. nicole and matt came over,we watched some tv,then watched a tape of me being an idiot. lauren showed up at some time while i was reading my brother's journal,it was funny. we all watched halloween resurection,that movie wasnt too cool..it was alright,busta rhymes was badass though. after the movie we watched some gay tv show's,then went upstairs to bed,but once we got up there i wasnt too tired,we messed with my brother for a little bit,that was funny then we all just layed around conversing for a bit,it was cool,i think i went to sleep after 5,my alarm started going off at 6:30 for work,but we snoozed for a little bit..i got up around 7:45,nicole and company took me to work. work wasnt too bad,i wasnt tired like at all,i thought i was going to be dead..lucky for me i wasnt. alright well i think that's all for today's update.

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i need you so much closer [Apr. 13th, 2004|11:09 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |blankblank]
[music |death cab for cutie : transatlanticism]


i dont really remember when the last time i updated was,im just gonna wing it and start from yesterday. i worked 9-5,it wasnt that bad it went by pretty quickly,at about 4:30 nicole and lauren came in too do some shopping,once they were done we left. went back to my house and i got dressed,we went to burger king and got some dinner and then went to the ben kweller show,i took a little nap on the way there because i was kind of tired. the show was really good,i liked ben kweller,he did a bad ass cover of "enter sandman" it was so funny,nicole said she will copy ben kweller's cds to a tape for me,so im looking forward to that. death cab for cutie was pretty good too,i only have one of their cd's but most of the songs they played were off that cd anyway,so it was cool. after the show i went back to nicole and lauren's house,we watched some tv,nicole took some gay pictures of me,i took some cool pictures then we went to bed. today we woke up kind of early nicole drove lauren to work and then drove me home in a crazy rain storm. the rest of the day has been pretty gay,all i've done is sit in my room. i sung some songs on my family's video camera,that was pretty funny,me and my brother got in a fight because he is a little faggot. that was pretty much my day. tommorow i am working 8:30 to probaley about 4:30..something like that and then i think nicole,matt and lauren are coming over,it should be a fun time. alright i think that's all for this evening.

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INtHeCiTaY15 [4:18 PM]: tomorrow is the Ben Kweller show, i'm in a twitter waiting for that [Apr. 11th, 2004|04:22 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |boredbored]
[music |taking back sunday : ghost man on third]

NAME:: Matthew J. Eckerle
NICKNAMES: Hrm..i dunno.. Jat maybe but only matt calls me that
AGE:: 17
BIRTHDAY:: june 25
LOCATION:: philadelphia
EYE COLOR:: hazel
HAIR COLOR:: blackish brownish..something like that
SIBLINGS AND AGE: mark 13, jen 9
PETS:: my brother and sister share hamster or something..i wish i had a mastif
JOB:: cvs
ZODIAC SIGN:: cancer
SCHOOL:: of rock

COLOR:: black,grey
LETTER:: X marks the spot
SONG: YEAH by usher/lil john/ludacris
TV SHOW:: boy meets world
MOVIE:: cable guy,fight club..i have a lot
FOOD:: wings
DRINK:: wawa iced tea
CANDY:: gum
ACTOR:: jim carrey
ACTRESS:: hrm..i dunno..hilary duff
SINGER:: singer of tbs or thursday
BAND:: taking back sunday
DAY OF THE WEEK:: saturday
MONTH:: december
STORE:: 780
ICE CREAM:: chocolate
SPORT:: football/hockey
HOLIDAY:: christmas
FRUIT:: oranges
VEGGIE:: carrot or something
BOOK:: heavier then heaven,kurt cobain biography
GAME:: monopoly
SEASON:: winter
DISNEY CHARACTER:: baloo from jungle book..that one part is so funny!

MOST QUIET:: rendil
LOUDEST:: matt i guess..but he isnt really loud
FUNNIEST:: everyone is funny
MOST TRUSTWORTHY:: i trust all my friends
PRETTIEST:: my mom
MOST SHY:: rendil..and jeff
SWEETEST:: everyone is sweet as pie
MOST ANNOYING:: nobody is really annoying
IF U WERE STRANDED ON A DESERT ISLAND, WHICH 5 FRIENDS WOULD U WANT WITH U:: nicole,lauren,matt,jeff..and i dunno..my brother or something..so we could make fun of him
WHO HAS THE NICEST PARENTS:: everyone has pretty nice parents i think
MOST INSIDE JOKES WITH:: matt and jeff

DO U HAVE A B/F or G/F:: no
IF SO WHO:: joe
BIGGEST TURN ON:: good personailty
BIGGEST TURN OFF:: being annoying
WHAT IS UR DREAM DATE:: hrm i dunno
SKINNY DIPPED:: with you

MET A CELEBRITY:: i partied with snoop a loop

CHRISTINA or BRITNEY:: hrm..that is a tough one..christina
COKE or PEPSI:: coke

VANILLA or CHOCOLATE:: chocolate
MNMS or SKITTLES:: m and m's
MOVIES or MUSIC:: that is a tough one..but im gonna have to go with music
STAY UP LATE or SLEEP IN:: id like to do both
SUN or MOON:: MOON because im mooning
SHORT or TALL:: meh
CAT or DOG:: dogs,cats are gay
NEWSPAPER or MAGAZINE:: both are good
MCDONALDS or BURGER KING:: BK like ben kweller
HAPPY or SAD:: happy,im all smiles
SERIOUS or FUNNY:: funny,but sometiems call for being serious
SNOW or RAIN:: both are ok
RUN or WALK:: strut
RAP or ROCK:: rap
PARTY or STAY HOME:: depends what kind of mood i am in,and who is going to be at the party
RADIO or CD:: cd
SPANISH or FRENCH:: french fries
TRUTH or DARE:: meh
PHONE or IM: doesnt matter
BREAKFAST or DINNER::i never eat breakfast
SEXY or CUTE:: cute
PEN or PENCIL:: pencil
BLONDE or BRUNETTE:: cornroe's
RICH AND DUMB or POOR AND SMART:: poor and smart
MIRACLES:: sometimes
MAGIC:: no
FATE:: no
DESTINY:: matt is my destiny
GUARDIAN ANGELS:: my mom is my angel

CRIED:: i dont know
DANCED:: with my aunt like an hour ago
WATCHED TV:: with my aunt like an hour ago
KISSED SOMEONE:: when my aunt picked me up from work
JUMPED ON A BED:: i dont know
WERE AT THE BEACH:: last summer
TOOK A SHOWER:: yesterday

WHO DO U WANT TO MARRY:: a nice,funny,cool girl
HOW MANY KIDS DO U WANT:: 14..16 tops
SON'S NAME:: Xavier
JOB:: dj by day,dubbs by night
DO U WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE:: i think im going next fall
IF SO WHICH ONE:: community college

IF SO, OF WHAT:: there is some cool ones..and then some gay ones that i never got around to taking down..like korn and slipknot
WHAT IS UR MIDDLE NAME:: JEROME..but you can call me ROMEY
COLOR SHIRT ARE U WEARING:: black thursday shirt
CAN U NAME ALL 4 TELETUBBIES:: mifflin,smith,baker,ryester
IF U COULD WISH FOR ONE THING WHAT WOULD IT BE:: everything i ever wanted
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Today is Dubbs's birthday... [Apr. 9th, 2004|08:51 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |goodgood]
[music |Phantom Planet : The Happy Ending]


i havent updated in a couple days..so here it goes...

wednesday matt came up too my work,i made him help me a little bit..i finished what i was doing and then we left,we decided to go get our hair cuts,because my hair was a bit ridiculous. so we went to some place on cottman ave. and the guy was such a nut,it was very funny..i dont remember all the things he was saying..i know he insulted me a lot..it was funny,he said he didnt want to cutmy hair too short because it would show off my face..it was so funny. after we got our haircuts we went back to my house and i wrestled my family. nicole and lauren came over,we went and hung out with shaun storh and his lady friend,i dont remember her real name the only thing that comes to mind is pukegreenshoes...lauren went to joe's house,we drove around for a little bit,it was a lot of fun,shaun and his lady left,we went to pick up lauren..we thought of a great plan for matt to hide in the trunk..but rendil ruined it by sitting in the middle! we went back to my house and watched the ring,and then we all went to sleep..i had work early in the morning the next day..9 am to be specific..work wasnt too bad,i thought it was going to suck but it wasnt bad,i left at 5 came home and got a shower and such..watched some of the flyers game,nicole came and picke me up..we went to her house and i watched some more of the flyers game,they won 3-2 i was happy. me and nicole decided to go to the movies,but by the time we got there all the movies already started so we went to blockbuster to rent some flicks..we got gothika and halloween reseraction..i spelled that wrong,we watched gothika..that movie sucked too much,it was so lame and dragged out. joe and lauren came in towards the end of the movie and watched it,after the movie me and nicole went upstairs and watched cheers,everytime fraiser talks im forced to close my eyes and picture sideshow bob..so after a bit joe was leaving and he gave me a ride to my house,it was so awesome..it was such an exquistie ride home,THANK YOU JOE. he is too kind. i came home,went to sleep..woke up today at 9 my mom took me to the bank then i worked 10-6..wasntbad...came home and played a couple games of nhl,i havent played ps2 in like 2 weeks..kinda crazy..work takes up too much time. tonight i think im hanging with nicole,ren and dana..should be prime times..alright this is extremly long.and gay.

MATTHEW ECKERLE (in case you didnt know who this was)


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PhILLyFeeT 2585 [11:45 PM]: you should update livejournal [Apr. 6th, 2004|11:48 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |dashboard confessional : again i go unnoticed]

last night was very cool,nicole and lauren came over..me and nicole watched kpax while lauren talked on the phone and online..the movie kpax was good but i kinda looped off at certain parts though so i missed some key elements to the movie,i'll have to watch it again sometime because it was pretty good. me nicole and lauren watched tv for awhile then and that was fun and we just sat downstairs talking on my new furniture,and we got new rugs..my house looks so exquisite,i had a great time last night. they left around 3..i got up at about 6:30 for work,i wasnt really tired though at all at work..that was a good thing,i even stayed an extra hour..it wasnt bad,when i got home though i was tired and i didnt do anything,i watched some tv and sat around all day,pretty lame but oh well. tommorow im working 9-5..im not looking forward to that,but oh well. i think im starting to get sick,like get a cold or something..the roof of my mouth feels so weird,it is driving me crazy..hopefully i feel better because being sick is lame. ok i think that is all for this update.

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fill this out if you wish. if you dont want too..then dont! [Apr. 5th, 2004|01:41 am]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |coldcold]
[music |from autumn to ashes : im the best at ruining my life]

1. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
2. Am I good looking?
3. What was your first impression of me?
4. Do you still feel that way about me now?
5. What do you think my weakness is?
6. Do you think I'll get married?
9. What reminds you of me?
10. If you could give me anything what would it be?
11. How well do you know me?
12. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
13. Do you think I could kill someone?
14. Describe me in one word.
15. Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen?
16. What music/song do I remind you of?
17. What movie do I remind you of?
18. If you would take me somewhere where would it be?
19. Do you think I'm out of control?
20. what would you change about me?
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YOU WILL BOW TO ME. [Apr. 4th, 2004|10:35 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |okayokay]
[music |NFG : Sonny]

saturday my mom took me to best buy and i bought the truman show,liar liar,dogma and the new phantom planet cd,i came home and cleaned my room and did watch while watching the truman show,took a shower and then nicole came and picked me up,i had to sit in the back seat because her front seat window was leaking or something because of the rain,i felt like nicole was my personal driver and i was someone famous. dana and lisa sell came to nicole's too and we just sat around for awhile,lauren and joe came in,then lisa costello and shauna,then nick..some guy named paul and he brought some other dude,it was a lot of people up in the arnold crib. we watched this very funny video of nicole and shauna speaking romanian,i was cracking up. everyone left,but i stayed and slept over,nicole had work at 6:30 in the am and she drove me home,i came home and rushed to my bed because i didnt want my family to talk me into going to church,that would've been lame. today i slept until about 12 or 1..something like that,i layed in bed until around 2 just listening to music,later into the day me and matt went to the one dead three wounded show..there was a lot of other band there too,it was a fun time,there were these crazy black guys there,the one guy was such a pyscho,it was so funny. it was a good day. tommorow i am working 9-5,that is going to be very gay,but i'll survive. alright thats all for tonight.

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observation [Apr. 2nd, 2004|11:25 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |boredbored]
[music |rooney : popstars]

so let's see,these past few days have been really good,so i will write about them...

wednesday i worked 11-7,after work i went over to nicole's house with matt,we sat around for a little bit and watched some tv,me and nicole watched dawn of the dead the orignal one,it was such a cheesy/gay/stupid movie,it was ridiculous..but it was still a fun time. on thursday me,nicole,lauren and matt went to dunkin donuts and ate breakfast,then they took me home,i sat around all day doing nothing. when nicole was done work she picked me up and i went over her house,we went and rented movies,we got texas chainsaw massacre..the new one with mary camden in it and kpax,we watched texas chainsaw massacre,then watched some tv and went to bed,i still want to see kpax sometime nicole,so we should watch it sometime this week before you return it. nicole overslept for work today,she took me home before she went in,i talked to my mom for a bit,she took me to the bank,then work..work wasnt too bad,it went by fairly quickly and amie let me leave early,that was a good thing..now im off all weekend,that is kickass. today at work i was thinking about some movies i wanted to get and i really wanted to see truman show again,that was a cool movie,so i asked matt to walk to circuit city with me but he said he was waiting for colleen to come over,so i was going to just walk up to circuit city,my friend from work mark said he would come with me so we went there and looked around for a little bit..and they frigin didnt even have the truman show,i was so mad..i bought mr.deeds and the rooney cd since nicole doesnt lend out her cd's! tommorow i asked my mom to take me to best buy during the day to see if i can pick up some dvd's maybe..so we will see what goes down with that,hopefully she takes me,tommorow evening i think im hanging out with nicole..that should be awesome.

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here's the things i meant but i never said. [Mar. 31st, 2004|01:57 am]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |the starting line : this ride]

today was terrible and fantastic.

I went into work at 8,today was truck day..so it was like non stop work,i thought the day was going to be completly bad but my friend mark came in around 12 and he helped me with my aisles,but everything at work was annoying today,the one lady that works there SUCKS,i get called to the front every 5 seconds,it's annoying. i was suppose to be done at 4 but i stayed until about 5. i have to go back to work again tommorow,11-7. gay.

After work i just sat online,i took a shower,watched some of scarface with my brother,and then nicole,lauren and matt showed up,we went up to franklin mills to the movies and we split up,me and nicole went and saw dawn of the dead,it wasnt a bad movie,but most horror movies are just cheesy,and it was just kind of cheesy. there were so many crazy black people in there,it was so funny,they were making crazy jokes all movie,i was cracking up,it was so awesome. after the movie me and nicole just sat and talked and waited for matt and lauren to come out from the movie they saw,it was a lot of fun i enjoyed it throughly. when matt and lauren came out it was pouring outside,so we raced to the car,me and matt tied,it was the best race ever. so now im home and im going to go to sleep pretty soon because i am t i r e d. alright that's all for this update.

Nirvanaldine [2:03 AM]: im embarassed
PhILLyFeeT 2585 [2:04 AM]: u should b
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i'll be home before the morning comes. [Mar. 30th, 2004|12:36 am]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |discontentdiscontent]
[music |something corporate : miss america]

i dont feel like myself,i feel really weird.
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to iam goin to update.. [Mar. 28th, 2004|02:07 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |Early November : Come Back]


Last night was a GREAT night,mom hooked me and matt up with a ride to neshaminy mall,on the way there she was telling us some crazy stuff..but the best story she told was..

"Today when me mark and jen were in new jersey i asked for directions to morristown mall and this guy said "yeah follow me" AND THEN HE SPED OFF!!!"

hhahah that is too awesome,the guy left my mom in the dust!!

So we got to the mall and went into hot topic to hang out with jeff because i knew he was working,antonio was working too..it was a lot of fun up in there,we did crazy stuff for like 2 hours..it was very funny. Jeff went home so then me and matt walked around the mall for a bit,i went into FYE and i bought scarface. We went to get a bite..we saw heather swallow and her group of friends,that was funny..we saw aaron,me and matt hide from him,but we were acting like clowns we realized..so we just went and sat down,we got some food and ate together,it was very romantic like. We went into pacsun and matt had an awesome game of seinfeld trivia with that girl that works there,wanda..it was so funny! after that we went into hot topic to say bye to the people working there,they love us..oh yea and i bought the early november cd sometime in this wild night. so after all that we went to the movies,we saw jersey girl..which i thought was very good,i liked it more then i thought i would,after that flick me and matt snuck into eternal sunshine of the spotless mind,it was a wild movie..very confusing at times..but i got ti..it was good,i liked it. After the movies my mom picked us up..but while we were waiting there were these kids who were stuck in the mall..it was so funny,they couldnt figure out a way to get out,me and matt were dying..but they got out eventually..sucks. We got back to my house,went online for a bit and talked to the RENDIL,then we went to wawa to see our lady DAWN,we got some food,took it back to my crib and watched the bonus featues of the rappers talking about scarface..it was funny. matt went home,and i went to sleep.

This entry has been very long. Goodbye.
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I Don't like you stick. beavus and butthead,abbot and costello,batman and robin. [Mar. 26th, 2004|12:20 am]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |goodgood]
[music |New Found Glory : Eyesore]

hey everyone,
it's been a couple of days since an update,so i will fill everyone in on the happenings of my life.

I've been working an awful lot,which is pretty gay..but oh well,i'll try not to complain about that too much. i complain entirely too much. Last night nicole came over,and i had a great time..we watched a walk to remember and a lifetime movie called She's Too Young,but we didnt watch the whole thing of she's too young,because it kind of dragged out..but it was decent,it was a very nice night. Today nicole drove me to work..I worked 11-7,came home and talked online for a bit,matt said he was going to come over but then nicole and lauren told us to go to the rooney show..so we did,it was a fun time,there were so many dud's there it was hilarious..it was a really fun time. so now i am home,i'll probaley go to bed soon because im getting kinda sleepy and i have to wake up early tommorow because i have work at 11 again,but before work me and my mom are going to the bank because i got my check today and i gotta get that cashed. After work i am going to some show at Club HP with nicole and matt,it will be a fun time..alright im outta here!
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im bout to show ya how my pimp hand is way strong [Mar. 22nd, 2004|12:17 am]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |indifferentindifferent]
[music |The Strokes : Reptilia]

hey everyone,
i havent updated in a couple days,so i guess i'll go for it.

Friday i was going to hang out with nicole but she had a lot of homework and stuff to do,so i was just sitting online and me and mary decided to hang out,it was fun..in conclussion..her mom wants to date me.

Saturday i worked 3-10,it wasnt too bad..it went by slow though,which sucked,after work i gave nicole a call and she said she might stop by later so her,lauren,mary and shauna came over and then i got in the car with them,we listened the rap. i slept over nicole and lauren's house,it was fun but i was tired real early. im too much of a dud.

Today nicole drove me home,she tryed to steal my rap cd..but i dont back down. me and my mom went to kmart and i got a bunch of clothes,and the strokes cd..the strokes cd is awesome. i started painting my living room,played my brother in nhl and we watched fight club,it wasnt a bad day.

Tommorow i am working 5-10 and im working the rest of the week,all day work though,work is lame. I think that's all for the update.

iam a geek.
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did you notice i was afraid,i thought i'd run out of things to say. [Mar. 18th, 2004|05:18 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |New Found Glory : the story so far]

hey everyone,
today has been pretty eventful so far,I went to community college and they signed me up to take an assesment test,im doing that march 27th..next saturday,i hope i do good on it..but more then likely i wont..i've got the brains of a chimp. After that me and my mom went to CVS and i picked up my check,we went to the bank and i deposited my tax check,and cashed my check from work..i've got 220 in the bank now,so they will be sending me my debit card any day now,awesome. I went to strawbridges to try to get flyers tickets because nicole said she would go to a game with me but it was sold out,that is an erm sucks..nicole said she was going to paint her face orange and black,how crazy! Me and my mom came home,we ate lunch together and then she went to work,since then i've pretty much just been sitting around my house not doing much of anything. Later tonight around 8 or so im going out to dinner with my family,my mom is taking us out because she got that loan or something,should be cool..but my family is extremly loud and annoying..so this could be a disaster. tommorow i am working 9-5,from 9-12 im getting trained in photo,hopefully i dont screw that up. after work me and nicole are seeing dawn of the dead,that will be awesome. alright i think thats all for this.

All the gangsta's around know my whole crew.
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are you brave enough to leave with me tonight? [Mar. 16th, 2004|11:36 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Dashboard Confessional : As Lovers Go]

hey everyone,
Today i worked 9-5,it was gay. i had to walk to work in the snow,which sucked because it was coming down pretty hard..when i got into work i was covered in snow,i looked just like a snowman. work went by pretty quickly,but it was also pretty long? makes sense? nope. After work i came home and called jeff,he came over and we watched some tv,played booyanopoly and then played NHL,it was a fun night.
Thursday my mom is taking me to community college to get registered or something like that,that should be pretty cool..we will see how the bones fall. i got my tax refund check back,i got 218..not too shabby,my check this week from work should be around 200$ so im gonna have plenty of cash!! if anyone needs any,just ask..i'll hook you up..Speaking of money ( lol nicole..or lauren,i dont remember which one of you was talking to jeff,and you said "speaking of tests..what did you get on your SATs" hahah that was so lame..lol it rocked ) alright so anyway,SPEAKING OF MONEY my mom got a loan today from someplace..so instead of paying 1500$ a month she only has to pay 700$,thats a lot of extra money that she doesnt have to use on bills,so she is going to try to get some things around the house fuixed..i mean fixed,thats good stuff. Alright i think thats all..i work tommorow 9-5,it will probaley suck,but its money in my pocket. alright im done.

Tonight has been a fantastic night,all around from 6 pm to whatever time it is now,no problems or dilema's all evening. BEAUITFUL!

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this is gonna be a long one.. [Mar. 15th, 2004|11:10 am]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |goodgood]
[music |Weezer : Tired of Sex]

hey everyone,
Friday : Me and my mom went out to a few places,I bought nhl 2004,i think i already posted that,i sat around playing the game for awhile then i got ready to go out,nicole picked me up around 8,her friend was in the car and she got out to cash her check and she took the biggest spill ever,i was dying..she was gangster as hell. so after we dropped that chick off we went to the arnold house, me,nicole,lauren,joe,dana and lisa went to see secret window,i thought it was an excellent movie,i liked it a lot. After the movie i went back to the arnold household and slept over.

Saturday : Nicole woke me up,we went to petsmart on the boulevard but they didnt have the fish tank she wanted,so we went to petsmart at roosevelt mall and she got the BETA fish tank there and a fish,it was a fun day,after going to the pet stores we went to acme to get water for the fish tank and went back to nicoles house,we sat there for a few minutes and then we went to get rendil at work,once we got to franklin mills we went to some store and ren bought some shirts on the way home she called fuix and got me a ticket to the get up kids show,so we went downtown,nicole flipped out on lauren because lauren wasnt looking for the club. we got some pizza and i met fuix..that was a great moment in my life,i think if i died tommorow i would be satisfied because i met fuix,nothing much to live for after that. so we went into the show,it was good..all the bands there were good,the first band was some guy just playing solo acoustic,i thought he did a good job. the next band was called recover and i liked them,i bought their cd. and then the get up kids went on,they were good i dug it. it was an all around fun night. after the show i went back to the arnolds to sleep over again.

Sunday : Woke up early,lauren drove nicole to work and took me to my homble abode and i got a shower and teased my hair. after that we went and got shauna..we had time to kill before the show so we stopped at wawa,it was right near matts house so i said we should just go there,so we did. i asked him to go to the show with us so he did. we got into the place and the band that was playing was gay as hell..so me and matt were just watching the flyers game,at intermission we decided to take a walk,we got a slice and then went back to the show. we sat there for awhile more,shauna had to go home so we took her home,and then picked up lisa costello,went back to the show and watched glory days,they were pretty good..me and matt went and did a jitterbug while they were playing,it was kinda sexy. after the show we stood outside for a bit..then lauren drove lisa costello home,then drove matthew home..me and her went to pick nicole up from work,and then they took me home. i was really bored at my house,so i asked nicole to come over to watch fight club so she did,after that we watched some tv and then went to sleep. She left at 9am because she had school so ive just been sitting here online because im not vert tired. today i have work at 5,im not looking forward to that because im going to have to ring all night,but im sure ill survive.

Alright im done.
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Shutup JoJo [Mar. 12th, 2004|04:20 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |goodgood]
[music |Brand New : Quiet things that noone ever knows]

hey everyone
Today i bought NHL 2004,it's pretty good. a lot of people told me it was bad but i do not reiterate that statement. me and my mom went to a few stores,since ive been home all ive done was played nhl.tonight i am going to the movies with nicole,i havent hung out with her for like a week,and thats one week too long in my book,it will be fun.

alright bye

..oh yea i think matt comes back today, WELCOME BACK TO PHILADELPHIA MATT.
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i need a haircut. [Mar. 11th, 2004|07:38 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |G Unit : Stunt 101]

hey everyone,
i am tired and bored. i worked 10-5 today,it wasnt bad it went by pretty quickly,now i am off until monday..thats awesome but i gotta work 5 days next week. work is gay,but i need the green. i am really bored i feel like doing something tonight. i will probaley just sit in my house,i dont want to take a nap even though im tired as hell because i wont be able to sleep tonight. okay thats all with this update i think,its really short. i only updated because im bored. maybe i'll watch a movie.

The ice in my teeth keep the cry-tal cold.
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whenever im alone with you,you make me feel like i am fun again [Mar. 9th, 2004|11:40 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |The Cure : Love song]

hello everyone,
these past few days have been full of work,but i think its going to be that way for awhile now,not bad though,ill have more money and stuff and work isnt that bad anyway. They are going to train me in photo lab,thats pretty sweet ill be making .50 more an hour. today i worked 9-5..but i actually worked until about 5:30 because the chick didnt show up on time,GAY. I came home and sat around for about an hour or so,watched the first 10 minutes of the flyers game and then i went to sleep until about 11 something. Tommorow i am off from work,i dont think im doing anything,i need to go to coconuts to buy NHL 2004. Maybe i'll wane in that direction tommorow,but im lazy so i probaley wont. i'll sit online all day. i dont know what else to write,these past few days are all a blur for me. oh yea,the most important part of the update..the best part of my day was when i was on break and nicole and lauren gave me a visit,that was exquisite! hahah that rhymed..because im thug. that was a pleasent surprise today. alright i think thats all for this update..

keep it gangster.
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im looking for a downtown man to understand what kind of guy i am... [Mar. 9th, 2004|12:38 am]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |my club mix]

32°F 0°C TUE

45°F 7°C
33°F 0°C WED

47°F 8°C
34°F 1°C THU

55°F 12°C
36°F 2°C FRI

45°F 7°C
27°F -2°C SAT

49°F 9°C
35°F 1°C SUN

this weather friggin rocks! im dancing around my room right now cause im so excited about it! aw man, im so happy, you should see me dancing and smiling from ear to ear right now. im gettin tired...oh wait, theres my second wind!! im gonna put on electric six and dance all over this crazy place...LOVE & PEACE

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my computer sucks. buy me a new one [Mar. 6th, 2004|06:44 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |weirdweird]
[music |Taking Back Sunday : Bonus moshpit part 2 (DEMO)]

hey everyobne,
im going to start this update from thursday night,matt came over and we talked to my dad on the phone for a little while,it was funny..we decided to go to wawa,on the way out i was busy talking about my dad too matt so i forgot to tell him not to lock the door,he locked the door and i didnt have my key so we were locked out,we were looking for a way into my house but all the windows and astuff were locked. we were on the porch next door to my house and we just got off the porch when my gay neighbor came out,bat in hand...if we were on that porch for maybe 10 seconds more that dude wouldve hit us in the head with a baseball bat,we would have been done! so we decided to just go to wawa,we did that and talked to dawn for a bit..we went up to jeans hospital playground again but we got scared again so we left..we went back to my house and sat out front for a bit,then the gay guy came out and said the people robbed his car earlier are going to come back or something and he sai if we were out front we would scare them away,he invited us in his house,but that was a little too gay so i decided we would just sit in my backyard. it took forever for my mom to wake up but she eventually did and we got in my house,matt went home and i went to sleep.
On friday me and matt went to neshaminy mall,my dad called and said he wanted to hang out with me and matt but he never showed. at the mall i bought a led zeppelin tshirt,a taking back sunday hoodie and a pair of shades we saw passion christ,i thought it was a very good movie,there was a lot of blood in it,it was very harsh. there were so many clowns at neshaminy,it was annoying..those people are lame. Today i worked 11-6 it was pretty gay,it seemed to take forever,i have to work tommorow,monday and tuesday too..i was suppose to be off tuesday but they fired somebody so i have to go in for him. alright well this update is long and lame. goodbye.
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ignore this post. [Mar. 4th, 2004|06:06 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |pissed offpissed off]
[music |Taking Back Sunday : Cute without the e]

hey everyone,
i swear i hate my family. they are a bunch of fucking assholes i can be in my house 10 minutes without getting into a fight or being annoyed. because i dropped out of school that gives them a reason to call me a fucking idiot all the time and because my faggot brother does good in school he thinks he is the king of the fucking world. what an asshole. what is the point in doing good in school? to get a good job? to get a nice house? what the fuck does it matter we are all going to die anyway no point in trying to do good for no reason. whatever im an idiot.

im sorry fo this stupid post and for all the cursing.
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You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. [Mar. 3rd, 2004|04:03 am]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Fight Club]

hey everyone,

Tonight was very weird.

I woke up around 3:30,watched some television. Nicole and Lauren stopped over for a little bit,we watched 7th heaven and then they left. I got into a fight with my brother because he thinks he is the greatest person alive and it bugs me so i took him down,the fight got a little out of hand when he was hiding behind the basement door and i accidentally broke the basement door. i tryed to fix it and matt tryed to help me fix it but it was totally broken. me nicole and matt went to best buy,i bought school of rock and fight club,i was so happy that i found the 2 disk fight club,i couldnt find it at any other store i looked at,that rocked.after that we went to cvs to see if baker was working,but he wasnt. then we were going to go to the rooster for some food,i called my mom to see if it would be alright but she started flipping out at me about the door.my brother called her and told her all about it. so that plan fell through,we drove around for a little bit and then went to my house. my mom was home from work and we got into a giant fight,it wasnt very good. but she will probaley be over it in a few days. so after we drove around for a little while more we went back to my house to watch school of rock,we watched that and then nicole and matt left. i am now watching fight club and i'll probaley go to bed in a little bit. tommorow i think im going to do some laundry and clean my room. i say that now but i probaley wont do it come tommorow. my updates suck.

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your heart is a river that flows from your chest through every organ [Mar. 1st, 2004|11:16 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Death cab For Cutie : Lightness]

hey everyone,
Last night after i got home from the show i sat online for a little bit and talked to rendil,i decided to give nicole a call,so we talked for a little bit and she said that she would come pick me up and we would watch movies,so i took some movies over. we watched chasing amy,well I watched chasing amy,nicole was out like a light. i never really realized how much cursing is in chasing amy,it really isnt necisery to curse all that much,i used to curse so much too..i probaley looked like such a clown when i did,good thing i dont do it as much as i used too. but i still do it a little too much. so after chasing amy we just hung out and then watched some tv,2 epi's of full house,it was cool. i was really tired and i fell asleep around 6 or so,and i slept til about 2 or something today and i looked at a lot of pictures in nicoles room,lauren came home then with lisa costello..some old guy spit all over her wndow,that sucks. i would never mess with lisa costello,she could nock me out. nicole gave me a ride home,when i get home i sat online for a bit and i burnt the 50 cent cd. i got a shower and got ready for work and listened to 50 cent on the way to work,i felt like opie. im so white,damn myself for being white. work was very gay,we were all out of regular bags so we had to give people giant bags and people kept complaining about it,it was gay. alright thats all this update seems very stupid. im not happy with it.
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I've got you inside apart from the things I would say but what does it mean not to change. [Feb. 29th, 2004|10:27 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Albert React : The soundtrack to a nightmare]

hey everyone,
i think this is going to be a long update..i havent updated for a few days so lets see..

Friday - I woke up casually late,around 5 or so,watched home videos with my mom while we ate dinner,got a shower and stuff like that and then nicole picked me up. we went and picked lauren up from school,and she sat in the back. went back to nicole and laurens for a little bit and watched the celebrity spelling bee,it was so amazing. me and nicole left and went back to my house,we watched donnie darko and hung out,it was very cool.

Saturday - Nicole drove me to work,i was like 20 minutes early..ussually im something like 20 minutes late! haha!..work was really gay,it seemed to take forever to be over. i was home for a grand total of 5 minutes when matthew fineberg knocked on my door,with nicole,colleen and mary. they told me to go out with them so i did. i stole shotgun from mary. matthew fineberg looked very nice all dressed up,i think im mooning. after i stole shotgun from mary we dropped matt and colleen off at wings to go,i was jealous. so me and matt said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways,me nicole and mary went and rented movies,we got halloween h20..20 years later, and cabin fever,i love cabin fever so much,its so funny. so we watched the movies and then went and picked rendil up from lisa costellos. again i sat in the front. when we got back to the arnold residence we watched the majarity of old school and then went to sleep. i couldnt really fall asleep though,me and rendil read paul bakers live journal though,that was fun. i eventually fell asleep after lauren left the room though.

Sunday - i woke up early today. like 10:30 or 11..i think it was something like that,i might be wrong. nicole drove me home and i got ready to go to the kill your idols show with matt,i watched corky romano also. matt picked me up in the taxi and we went to the show,pasion came on first. they put on a very sexy preformance. kenny harris is the man. i dont remember all the bands names but one up was good,matt bought their cd,he will have to bring that over one night so i can copy it. the night was very fun. we went to wawa when we first got there,that was exquisite. oh yea and when the second band came on somebody paid for a homeless guy to come into the show,it was so funny he was shaking his butt..it was awesome. a lot of funny things happened tonight but im drawing a blank.. oh yea matt kept pointing to his one dead three wounded shirt to all the guys in the band,it was very funny. matt is a cheeser to local bands,its awesome. i also sat in gum..that was very gay. so the show ended around 10,matts mom picked us up and here i am.

Tommorow i have to work 5-10 but then im off until saturday,im working 11-6 saturday. Ok well thats all for this very long update. i hope RENDIL is happy with this.
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my mom has a date with uncle buck today. [Feb. 25th, 2004|04:30 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |okayokay]
[music |From Autumn to Ashes : Cherry Kiss]

hey everyone,
Yesterday was really bad and really good. doesnt make sense but that's how the day felt. i was in the worst mood ever all day until about 7 o clock,jeff came over we played booyaopoly and watched tv. jeff did the ultimate punk on me. he called my house on his cell phone and i did some gay run to the phone and i totally took a spill on my kitchen floor,my feet went above my head and i was down for the count. so then i picked up the phone and there was noone on the other end. so jeff kept calling on his cell phone and i didnt know it was him,it was really funny. i was cracking up,it was the best because i fell. so he left and i sat online for awhile and i was watching old video tapes of myself as a kid,i was too much of a faggot,and i was really annoying. not much has changed. matt came over around 2 or 3 and we hung out,went to wawa he decided to sleep over so we watched almost famous and went to sleep. no plans for today,ill probaley just sit online and listen to music and talk to matt. alright i think that is all.

i hate being me.
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this update will be B-E-A UTIFUL. [Feb. 24th, 2004|03:44 am]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |okayokay]
[music |Blindside : Cute Boring Love]

Hey Everyone,
Well i havent updated in a couple of days,but im feeling the update right now.Yesterday i sat around a lot and layed on the couch. Nicole and Lauren came over around 10 or something to hang out,we watched bruce almighty,it was fun. they left around 1 and i went to sleep,i slept until 2:30 today..thats a lot of sleep.Today was my first day back at work,it wasnt too bad,i wanted to yell point at so many people,but i held back. I finished at 10 and i hung out with my friend jason from work until about 12,it was pretty fun.So i came home and sat online for awhile,matt came over and we went to wawa. we brought the food back to my house and watched some of austin powers before his mom came over. hmm i thought this update would be a lot longer because i havent updated in a couple of days..but it's not. im off work until saturday,i wish they gave me one more weekday though..13 hours is not enough,im going to have barely any money..even though i dont really need that much. i saw my schedule for next week and im off on sunday,thank god for that,im going to some show at the church with matt so that should be fun. alright well this update is boring and dragged out. sorry for wasting 5 minutes of your life.
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i was the one worth leaving. [Feb. 21st, 2004|12:07 am]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |okayokay]
[music |The Postal Service : The district sleeps alone tonight]

hey everyone,
today started out to be really gay,i was in a real geek mood..i dunno everything just seemed gay. mtv2 had a lot of things on kurt cobain today because it is his birthday so i watched a lot of that and then jeff called and aske me to hang out,so i did. i went over there and watched the PHD tape,it was funny i was cracking up at a lot of stuff in it.So then me and jeff came back to my house and we played booyanopoly,jeff won but it was a fun game. so jeff just went home a few minutes ago,it was a good night.
The past couple of days i havent really felt like myself,and its annoying. i feel like such an idiot about everything that im doing and everything that i say. i just make myself look like an idiot all the time.
Okay well i think im done with this update,oh yeah i got back to work monday i'll be on 5-10,but then i have the rest of the week off,except saturday so this week wont be too bad,work sucks it takes up too much time,but i need money. damn money. alright im done.

matthew eckerle
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Its time for a JAT update. [Feb. 19th, 2004|04:21 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |Led Zeppelin : Dazed and Confused]

Hey Everyone,
Yesterday was alot of fun,Nicole came over around 3 or so she got to meet dubbs,we went to matts to pick him up,on the way to pick him up i saw chin,baker and fred it was very funny.we got to matts house and he was still sleeping,but he got up and answered the door in his boxers,it was very sexy. we drove up to laurens work and hung out there for awhile,went back to the arnold hosuehold,drove lauren to school then me matt and nicole went and saw mystic river,i thought it was pretty good,but there was some meaningless stuff in it and they dragged the movie on at the end,but overal it was still an exceptional flick. we then went back to the arnold house,went to acme to buy lauren and nicoles mom a cake. matt ate all the icing,it was nasty looking though but it was funny to see him gobble it down like a mongrol. So we watched tv for awhile,i got my gay picture back from nicole,i think that was the end of that picture. forever. so when we were going to bed matt kept saying the funniest things to lauren,i was cracking up,lauren was not a happy camper. nicole kept trying to get the picture offf me,matt took off his pants,went into the bathroom,nicole took his pants into the hallway. matt was not happy about losing his pants,it was very funny..but felix didnt like it too much. he got his pants back eventually,nicole ripped open my arm,i need stitches. this update seems to be all jumbled together and it doesnt make much sense i dont think. oh well. so today lauren drove me home,they finished making my bathroom but i stil cant shower until tommorow,good grief. me and my mom went to look for paint for the bathroom and we found the two best colors "sparkling dew" and "crescent moon",its ashame we didnt pick one of those,i thought they were a winner. alright well this update is uber lame so i think iam done.

-matthew eckerle
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i'll be true,i'll be useful,i'll be a cavalier...i'll be yours my dear. [Feb. 15th, 2004|02:06 pm]
Matthew J. Eckerle
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Dashboard Confessional : As Lovers Go]

Hey Everyone,
Haven't updated in a couple days so let's see. The other night i saw 50 first dates with Nicole,Lauren,Dana and Lisa it was a good movie and it was a fun night,i went into hot topic and said hi to antonio and talked to him for a little bit before the flick. Last night nicole came over,i had a very nice time we just watched some tv and stuff like that,we watched the cable guy that was good stuff, it was really a great time. she left kinda early this morning around 10:40 or something,i've been pretty bored ever since i was trying to take a nap on the couch but i couldn't fall asleep so i've just been watching tv. Today is most likely going to be really lame,tommorow and tuesday too because i have to stay at my house because my mom has these people coming over to put a new bathroom in upstairs and someone needs to be here for when they come..so that's me. im going back to work like next week or something but they said they can only give me like 2 days,thats kinda gay but i dont really need too much money for anything..20 bucks can get me through the week good enough. Ok im going to watch come more tv. so long everyone.

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